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My Philosophy

For new parents there are so many new and strange challenges, that all the preparing in the world may leave them feeling that they didn't do enough to prepare for their new bundle of joy.

Many parents aren't aware of what constitutes normal newborn growth and development, and normal recovery for the mother. In the middle of all that new awareness, the factor of little to no sleep makes it difficult to feel confident in tending to all the details in the beginning.

The time frame of the first 4 months is so small and yet it is so important to not miss the sweetness and happiness and joy that this sweet fresh baby brings to their lives. My role in this 4th trimester of pregnancy is to provide new parents with education, non-judgemental support and companionship.

I feel that mothering the mother enables her to recover from pregnancy to birth and focus her energy on bonding with her new baby. Helping manage the surroundings gives her and the family breathing room to adjust to a new member of the family that needs a LOT of attention.


My Story

I have had a natural affinity for babies since childhood. I was a sought after, favorite babysitter as a young teenager. Calming a new baby was second nature to me. 

As a mother of 4 and 'young' grandmother of 11, I am enjoying a career of being able to help new parents have a happier and

more confident beginning with their newborn.

I have had a variety of careers. I received a B.S. in design and worked as a Kitchen and Bath designer for 20+years.  I achieved a Masters Program certificate in Textile and Pattern and developed a creative paper cake topper business after graduating.  I definitely love creativity but love this new career of doing something that I dearly love.  Babies! 

I am also known as a healthnut.  I have always felt that there is a strong connection of our emotional/physical whole being and what we put in our bodies.  So I pay attention to all things health and wellness and advocate clean eating.  Which makes me naturally bright and happy and on top of what's important! Which for you as a prospective client is great, to have a healthy doula taking care of you and your llittle one.

My Training
Postpartum Doula trained

Dona International Training 2018.  Working towards certification.

Newborn Care Solutions Foundation Class Graduate

BLS Adult & Pediatric trained

American Heart Association Basic Life Support CPR certified.

TrustLine certified

                                         Full reviews on:
“Tamra was so wonderful with my newborn and made me feel at ease. She is very sweet and reliable. My son and I both enjoyed the time we spent with her!” Allison G.

"She was extremely professional in her demeanor and we were 100% confident in not only her love of babies and abilities to calm them, but also her care in staying safe. It's worth the investment to bring her in - as she gave us invaluable peace of mind."

Blake M.

"My husband and I are first time parents so we were very nervous about anyone holding or caring for our little one. She showed us how to give her a bath that is enjoyable for her as well as for us."
Nicole V
"She not only helped us get some much needed rest, she also helped us understand more about our baby's sleep patterns, coached us on how to handle night sleep going forward, and provided moral support at a very difficult time. She also took great care of our little one - soothing her back to sleep with barely a cry each night - and was a tactful and thoughtful presence in our home."
Alexis M
"Tamra is very sweet and she was wonderful with my newborn, which helped me get some much needed sleep. I trust her completely with my babe. She's very experienced! Also, she makes delicious lactation cookie!!"
H S  
"Tamra gave us the confidence we needed as new parents. She took care of the small things so we could concentrate on our new little guy!" Danielle G.
"She shared not only her knowledge, but also wisdom from her experience as a doula, a mother, and grandmother which I highly valued. She was very approachable, professional, and offered great advice when asked."
Emelina C.
"Tamra is very knowledgeable, she helped us with baby's sleep, giving bath and sharing all the most important advice on how to deal with a newborn."
Francesca B
"Tamra was so supportive and helpful with our newborn, giving us tips for everything from sleeping, nursing, feedings, bathing, and more! My husband and I were able to get more sleep in, which is absolutely priceless as a new parent!"
Stella C
"We are so grateful to have found Tamra. She was a calming presence during what was a stressful time for us as new parents and we learned from her and benefited from her kindness.  We had no concerns during our time with Tamra and were only sad that she couldn't stay forever.  We would gladly work with Tamra again."
Caroline C

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Postpartum Doula

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