My services are always tailored to your unique family needs. I will create a plan that works for your situation.

Below is a list of some of the services I can provide:

Pre-Birth Consultation

I would love to meet with you before your little one arrives. I can give you suggestions for preparing you with the basics you will need after giving birth. This visit will be the start of contract.

Nursery Organization

Often new mothers have planned for months in advance for the arrival of their baby.  If you need help in planning or with final preparation I will gladly offer suggestions to be ready before or after the birth of your baby.

Caring for you and the baby 

This is where I get to mother the mother and make sure you get the rest you need while you recover from birth. I give your baby my experienced care so you can rest peacefully.

Baby whisper night care while you sleep

One of the most important services I can give you is expert care of your newborn while you get the much needed sleep you need as new parents.  I am very adapted to being attentive at night with newborns. I am a very calming intuitive care giver that can calm and soothe fussy babies while you get blissful sleep. I monitor the babies needs during the night for feedings, diaper changes and of course sleeping. I manage the bottle sterilization at night if needed. As well as light laundry and folding.

Sleep, diapering and activity logs

Helping you become self-reliant in your new role as a mother

I am there to be a support part of your team. I want you to feel confident in your own instincts and then depend on me for physical and emotional care, as well as guidance for your own self-care. My goal is to be sure you bond with your baby.

Following your baby's feeding and diaper patterns -- especially in their early newborn days -- can help you feel confident that they are  growing and thriving. I am set up with BabyConnect for logging these activities but will use any method or APP you may be using.

Bath time care and instruction  

I consider this my specialty and will teach you how to make bath time a beautiful ritual with your newborn. I have been known to soothe a baby to sleep during the bath. After bath care includes a baby massage. Massage is calming on the nervous system and is excellent for colic and sleep. Massaging raises levels of the 'feel-good' hormone oxytocin in both you and your baby, helping you both feel calmer and relaxed. Your baby's muscles relax, breathing becomes deeper and the massage oil nourishes your child's skin.

Peer to Peer Breastfeeding advice / Bottle feeding support

As a mother who breast fed all 4 of my children, I am an advocate of breast feeding. I am in ongoing continuing education for becoming more supportive with not only experience but with evidence based methods of successful nursing. I am supportive of mothers that need to bottle feed and will help with preparing and sterilizing bottles as well.

Newborn Care & Instruction

Newborn babies may seem to be a lot of work at times but they are also fairly simple in their needs. Whether you are a first time mother or not, it might seem overwhelming in those first weeks. I am there to fill in the gaps of what you may or may not know about newborns and help make it easier for you.

Resources & Referrals

There is a wonderful community of supportive peers and professionals that you can utilize for extra support. I will have my own community with other Doula's that readily support each other on an ongoing basis so that you will benefit from a wide circle of help from this community as well. 

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Diagnose medical or Perform any clinical tasks

As a Doula I am a supportive part of your team but I do not diagnose medical conditions for mother or baby. I am trained if concerned, to recognize certain symptoms of common issues that arise and will direct you to an appropriate health provider. 

Make decisions for you 

I will not make decisions for you or interfere with you and your partners choices of parenting or making medical decisions. I am there to help give you a healthy environment to feel confident in your own ability to make the best choices for you and your family.

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